Pleated tin walls built from tin roofs falling in disrepair

Disco ball spotlight

Laughing teeth from the goldfish pond people

Goldfish gulps

Goldfish sea of glaze-coated wooden beams

Tabletops of cups, cups of tin can sleeping-bag debris

Cups of golden fish water

The owner of the bar down the street

He balms a smile

He’s doing a duet

The owner of the bar down the street

She flicks a shiver closing eyelids

Not a balm or smile

She’s doing a solo at the open mic tonight

The crowd digs you baby


My two loving friends hold hands and swing by tin roof walls

On shiny wooden beams

Ready to swoon again

Caress and flutter like children down the streets

Rain-washed knit caps leather jackets and lost wallets

Lost keys lost dreams lost love lost hope

I will not dance tonight

So after the cactus flower princess in chestnut brown leather

Stops singing of her lost lover

Who hides under a smile when she talks

She’ll know my secrets and sometimes I think I’ll know hers

Dimming lights fade bright

Spinning bright whirlpools

Goldfish jump from their seats

Tobacco in fingers tucked in ears of goldfish

Goldfish lowly goldfish?

No! Fluid holy prismatic god

Go! Suspend our souls in ponds in Zen gardens in heaven

Oh goldfish of Buddha

I sit alone when the lights fade bright

Music stops

I will not dance tonight

I am awake

I dream of Kerouac

Exhale and ride blue black wet buckshot streets tonight

(Inspired by Ginsberg – The Sunflower Sutra)


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