One-Hundred-Degree Planes

The sky is covered in charcoal

The bay is covered in charcoal

Factory pillars on the horizon

Great steaming arm of the loch ness industrial monster

Rise! Oh hail our manufacturing sun on this quiet Monday evening

A fool’s sun

Thinkin’ of watching pool players in the bar

Better music in my car

Classic jazz


Tough to master on a poor man’s jukebox

This one though

Best in town

Sat in my car and got high

Thought of him didn’t wanna go in

Thought of all the hims and hers

All the stories the journeys the shoelaces tears scars and car crashes

Cigars part-time jobs at the best new local you gotta be there kid

It’s the new thing

Best place to be but I didn’t wanna go in

Tide is high, kid

I bet they’re all dancing in lovesick reunion kitchens

Dancing with spoons and hats and violin sticks

Washboard sticks

Not I

One-hundred-degree planes fly in

Spotlight swans on the water

Long neck waving vibrating sinking sailing swans on the water

Our shades travel synchronistic disappearing from the water

Lo! That thing in the water

A whale

A submarine

An alien squid come to bomb us with its ink

A specter?

(Inspired by Kerouac – October on Railroad Earth)


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