Crow Medicine

Ebony wings crest the shadow of a wave

More of a memory than a vision

Moving in on the distance

Filth crusts ragged feathers

Folding in on my shoulders

Screeching terror in my ears


Let me in

Give me drugs and fill my tummy

Make me numb

I can change you

I’ll be quiet

I’ll be beautiful

Let me in


Ebony wings crest the pupil of my eye

Why are you here?

Tormenting me so

Oh putrid stinking breath that cries

Die already!

And save us both


Demon driver, pull me over

I’ve fucked up the motor

Drank too much and I’ve gotta slow down

For I fear I may drown in my wallowing self-pity


Oh, wicked remorse for dreams that turned to black

And followed feathers through my fingers to the floor

To lie among the wasted

The unwashed

Unfettered and unfeathered

The lost


And I forgot

As that liver gut rot set in and that bullet rye bathed my sins

Like a fucking baptismal font

Glorious and gold

Bold possession when those black wings spread

Twice my size

Magnificent and full of rage


But what is this, my love

And why do you love like me?

Romance like poverty in spring

To quell these wicked wings

And all this bullshit

But wait, I’m dying

And oh my god help me!

You won’t?

I fear I cannot change alone


Now it’s just me and the bird

Warbling words mimic me with terrible precision

Oh, to be freed of my consumptive addiction!


It’s built a nest in my chest of smoke and ash

I’ll catch the filthy wretch one day

By the neck

I’ll strangle the thing until it’s out of breath

I’ll lock it up beneath my chest

In a cage so tight it’ll never rest

And it’ll die one day

Three months at best


Day by day; contort, unbend, compress

It lives with me now

In a space quite fitting for parts like the rest

But black pebble eyes still shine through these bars

Reflecting no one’s reflection but mine

And I am no one to deny

That the caged animal remains an animal inside


So what is this, my love?

Devotion like I’ve never seen

Remains on strings

Respite from those who cut ties and cut wings

People on strings that scare the shit out of me

Only because they may leave

But that’s the way when black birds sing

Of romance like poverty in spring

And other bullshit

Despite the bullshit

That remains to be seen


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