Red Rover

Oh what I could write of the horrors of the night
Jack knows it would only ever be the half of it
Corpses are meant to be kept out of sight
Mystic projector of the mind
I thought I knew you
You are not mine
Two men boldly enter the fire
Two women carried by worms to the vocal drums of the birds
They never needed my advice
So I am a fool it seems to the bitter end
Which, oh stars!
Let the days pass more swiftly if this is to be my lot
I have gone mad in my waking and am haunted by the passing
I rot
My rose wilts
Its remaining petals
Loosed from the embrace of their green mother
The goddess returns to the earth
By root and beetle and rusty shovel
I am somebody
I am somebody
I am somebody
I had two suns but I didn’t
It seems cruel that death should be so peaceful
And birth so violent
Red rover red rover send all your furies over
I’m going home to the living


From the poetry collection Sun Dogs: now available on Createspace


Published by: June

Site subject to Copyright: 2016 by J.P. Junus. All rights reserved. No text or media may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission, excepting brief quotations.

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